Vietnam Guided Journeys

Visit North Vietnam: Halong Bay, Caves & temples of Ninh Binh, Hoi Ann on the coast and Hai Giang in the mountains near China

  • 10 days journeying through Vietnam with a knowledgeable English speaking guide.
  • Visiting the Pagodas and surrounding caves of Ninh Binh south of Hanoi.
  • We will sail on Halong Bay and kayak through caves beneath the Karst geography of that landscape and land on Monkey Island for dinner.
  • Then off to Hanoi to plan the excursion to Hai Giang on the Chinese border. The small city in the mountains holds ancient temples and markets of fruits, veggies and handicrafts.
  • Contact me through my FB page at Pamala Wayland. Visit my FB for photos and commentary on Vietnam. Friend me and I will contact you if you’re interested in a guided tour.