Back to the Pure Land

As I prepare to head to the ‘Roof of the World’ I realize that I am heading to a place recently rocked by an earthquake that devastated Nepal. People there are just now able to move back into their homes, but only some of them. I have been texting in real time with friends in Kathmandu as this had unfolded. Only in the last few days have they been able to travel out to the remote villages where their extended families live. The destruction is equal in the villages to that in Kathmandu with every home being either cracked or destroyed.

I have heard today that the after shocks continue over a week later. Friends are concerned as I head to that part of the world what I will be heading into. I am heading to a part of the Himalayas that is 2,000 k. away. Ladakh is nestled on the far eastern side of Kashmir and on the northern side of the Himalayas. It sits on the Eurasian Plate as opposed to the Indian Plate upon which most of Nepal sits. The Eurasian Plate includes Europe and Asia and is stable comparatively to the Indian Plate. In fact the Indian Plate is sub-ducting under the Eurasian Plate, hence its instability. I ma sure my friends in Ladakh felt the quake though not in the same way.

I fly out from Seattle early tomorrow morning and am bringing lots of eBooks for the flight to Amsterdam and then to India. I’ll check back in here to let you know how it goes.

Om Ah Hung …


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