Journeys to the Buddhist Pure Land

Having spent many years visiting and staying in Ladakh, attending the Dalai Lama’s teachings and studying Buddhism as a self styled pilgrim I would like to share that knowledge with others who are interested in experiencing a pure Buddhist culture, sometimes referred to as the Buddhist Pure Land. Ladakh is a high altitude land under passes as the name describes its extreme landscape. Buddhist monasteries straddle its high mountain peaks. As a fellow pilgrim on the journey I would like to introduce you to various monasteries and to the Lamas who are in residence for short meditations in the varied landscapes of this high altitude domain. I invite you to look at my profile and at the itineraries that are offered and I hope you will find resonance with one of the journeys that will afford you the opportunity to leave the stress of the world at large and enter into a world that is sure to open your heart and mind.

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About Buddhist Pure Land

I have been traversing the Himalayas for half my life as a self styled Buddhist pilgrim. I have a degree in cultural Anthropology and have a deep respect for indigenous cultures and the insight that they offer those of us who did not grow up in an indigenous cultural setting. I believe that exposure to diversity can reshape one’s worldview and open the mind and heart. In the act of immersing oneself in the philosophy, architecture and landscape that has shaped a culture, we expose ourselves to the diversity that is our humanity and our universal heritage. I hope to bring that experience to those with whom I share these journeys.
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